Paso Fino Horse World — February 2013
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PFHA 2012 Top 10 Dams


As amateurs in the world of Paso Finos, we have been grateful to the Paso Fino members that have made us feel so welcomed. We are truly blessed with the introduction to Joey Burnett, Trainer and Owner of Straight Arrow Paso Finos, whose patience and attention to the horses he trained for us has been gratefully appreciated.

When we retired to South Carolina with the intention to get involved with horses, we had on our "Bucket List" the opportunity to have a mare foal at our "Blue Sky Ranch." Joey knew of our dream and called us in December of 2010 informing us of a very nice mare, in foal, for sale.

Indianapolis Five-a-One came to us just before Christmas, and we celebrated her intelligence and gentleness. "Indy" gifted us a filly, LA ROSA DE RANCH DEL CIELO AZUL, at 9:00 am on March 14th, 2011. "Indy," awesome mother that she is, patiently allowed us in the stall so we could bond with her foal. Rosa was gaiting across the stall the same day she was born and Fortunately, inherited her mother's intelligence, curiosity, and gentleness. [t is no surprise to us the Indianapolis Five-O-One offspring are performing so well in the Paso Fino world. In our opinion, she has always been a #1 Dam.

We thank the Paso Fino Horse Association with acknowledging Indianapolis Five-O-One for her offspring that had been doing so well in the show ring. And we thank Joey Burnett for bringing Indy into our lives.


La Golondrina de Casta has placed many times as a PFHA Top Ten Dam during her career as a broodmare at Riverview Farms in Virginia, where she is presently homed.

La Golondrina was proouced by Dr. Alfonzo Martinez within his outstanding breeding progranl. The sire of La Golondrina is Gracioso, son of renowned Bochica, and her famous dam is Marichuela, out of Resorte N and La Estirpe 1. As you can see, this was a recipe not only for a fabulous show horse herself, but for her produce in the future. As a show horse, La Golondrina was shown successfully in the Florida show rings earning several first place winnings.

La Golondrina's produce has been shown in a variety of classes with many championship w ins in their careers. There are three stallions standing at Riverview Farms, Percals EI Camino, Char lies Maximus, and Char lies Capriati, and also the mare Percals Viva, who have been very successful in their show and demonstration careers, offering rides to many first time Paso Fino riders. These horses w ill remain as breeding stock with Riverview Farms, carrying forward the great attributes of La Golondrina, such as natural, strong execution of symmetrical gait. We can depend on La Golondrina to proouce top quality foals for a few more years due to the technology available.

One of Golondrina's offspring currently in the show ring, Percals EI Camino del Rio, was awarded 2010 & 2012 PFHA Specialty Horse of the Year and Specialty Horse of the 2011 and 2012 Grand National Shows. He also earned the 2012 PFHA High Point Class Awards in Bella Forma Stallions, Pleasure Stallions, Western Pleasure, Trail, and Versatility. Another of Golondrina's offspring, Percal's Viva del Rio, was 2012 National Champion Pleasure Youth 13-15, ridden by William Aldred.

Juliet Channell of Riverview Farms in Virginia is this mare's owner. We invite you to visit La Golondrina at the farm. Contact info: AlUli Howell, , RVFino@gmail.Com, Ph.61S-S22-8138.


Torbellina was born to us during a break in a series of January storms. Torrential rains and strong w inds shook her dam's s tall. During one quiet moment in this tumultuous night, our beautiful foal arrived. Her s ire's name being Torbellino, we fittingly named the baby Torbellina, which in fact means a windy, gusty storm.

With her impeccable bloodlines, the qualities of beauty, mechanics, execution of ga it and disposition were fulfilled in spades. She consistently passes on her superb genetics to her progeny. She is the daughter of an El Classico stallion, Torbellino de La Sierra, and an Idolo International mare, Acuarela de Los Pinos, both of whom go back to the great producer, Plebeyo. She carries Resorte IV through Piloto, her great-grandfather on her dam's side. This line breeding of Plebeyo/Chucuano and Resorte bloodlines consistently produces similarly gifted offspring.

Torbellina is competitive and happy in the show ring and just as focused on competitive trail rides or in a soccer game. She holds multiple California and Northwestern PFHA champion ships in pleasure and performance division s. Besides her strong Presence in the west, she was very competitive in the Piedmont and TelUlessee Valley regions (Champion of Champions). She has carried enthusiastic youth riders to National placements and holds World Champion titles in AO and open pleasure divisions.

We are immensely grateful to those who advised and helped us in this mare's development: Larry "Whitesell's foundation training and early shows, Cary Hardiman, Ramon Figueroa, and for his support with the foals, Tano Sierra. We are very aware that it takes an excellent teacher to bring out the full potential of a horse. We watch daily as our gentle and dedicated trainer, Jesus Ramirez, guides the growth of our horses with love and respect. We deeply appreciate the gifts he brings to his work. We know we will continue to see great successes as Torbellina's babies mature.

Torbellina and her offspring exemplify the best qualities of our breed. They are focused, willing and intelligent horses with lovely dispositions and perfection in gait. Each has wonderful brio and heart. We at Rancho Toledano are grateful and very proud to have our lovely mare, Torbellina de Toledano, be so honored.


On April of 1984, an event occurred that marked my memory forever. I was at the largest show held in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, when I saw the most fino and beautiful mare handled on the line in the best group of brood mares, and later I saw her winning the riding class. I curiously inquired about her, and they told me that her name was Anfitriona. I was told that she had been undefeated since she first appeared in the show ring as a baby on the line, and at the time I saw her, she was 5 years old. One of the striking anecdotes that I heard about her was that as a hvo and half year old filly, she had beaten the famous champion mare that came to compete from Colombia By the name of Trilladora.

Anfitriona bred to the spectacular classic fino stallion EI Classico de Plebeyo (sire of the world champion 222) and produced Catedra de Guadalupe. Catedra de Guadalupe is, without a doubt, one of the most exceptional mares I've ever ridden. The combination of power, brio, energy, and refinement of the front feet, with the outstanding power of the hind legs, make Catedra a uniquely spectacular fino mare. She is one of the few horses that can do, at world class level, both fino and performance. She was the 2002 Spectrum Grand Champion in the Performance Amateur Owrner category, and now she is the mother of the extremely impressive fino stallion by the name of Yumuri De Kanm.

Note about Anfitriona, Catedra's Dam: I was approached by Esteban Rawich to see if I was interested in selling Anfitriona, because he told me that he missed buying my mare by 2 weeks, and as it turns out, I had just missed out on buying Aristocracia by hvo weeks as well. He had bought Aristocracia and sold her to Don Fabio. Aristocracia later was bred to Amadeus and produced Patrimonio del Ocho. Patrimonio became one of the most important sires in the history of the Paso Fino breed. Aristocracia was later sold to the US and won National Champion Fino mare.



FiddleLeaf's Picaboo was foaled in 2000, sired by renowned World Champion, JLM's Jaranero, and her dam, FiddleLeaf's Princesa. Her dam is a fino mare and Plebeyo daughter, born from a Cosmos mare. During her show career, she appeared in 3 shows as a three and four year old, accumulating 119 points. She was recently acquired by Kat and Thierry Richards of Texas.

Picaboo has produced five excellent foals, including her superbly performing offspring, Picadora de Eco and Retador de Eco. She is currently in foal to Jordan de IN for an April delivery. Retador is the 2011 Grand National Champion Bella Forma Stallion and a multiple National Champion in both Fino and Bella Forma classes, as well as the 2011 PFHA High Point Horse of the Year. Picadora de Eco is 2011's National Champion Pleasure Futurity and Reserve National Champion A/O Pleasure 3 Year Old Filly.

Picaboo has proven herself as a producer of exceptional foals capable of becoming champions. She has hvo other young fillies, Amapola de Eco foaled in 2009, and Violeta de Eco, foaled in 2012. Amapola began showing in 2012, and Violeta will be following in her siblings' footsteps to excel in the show ring production of future Paso Fino horses. FiddleLeaf's Picaboo was identified as PFHA's #2 mare in 2010 and the Association's #1 mare last year, in 2011.


In December of 2005, the Bedell family and Maverick Equity Partners, LLC made their entrance into the Paso Fino Horse World. The interest all started due to the love of horses of Brad and Courtney Bedell's daughter, Ali. Ali started riding lessons at EI Tomaria Farm, Inc., of Benton, Missouri, and fell in love with the Paso Fino horses. After a year of lessons with Beth Uelsmann, the Bedell family contacted Beth at the 2005 Nationals and said it is time to get Ali a horse. After a couple months of searching, Venus was the chosen horse. Beth had gone to Florida right before Christmas and brought Venus Home. Venus was a Christmas surprise for Ali Bedell, her first horse.

Venus is a daughter of the late Vitral and Limosina del Libano. Limosina is a daughter of Capitan de La Vitrina and was imported from Colombia. The Bedell family purchased Venus from Hacienda de Los Margaritas.

Venus had only hvo offspring that showed in the 2012 show year. EI Valeroso de LM is a son of Venus and Retorno de La Hacienda. Valeroso was a Spectrum and multiple Regional Champion Performance Colt in 2010 as a 3 year old and a National Champion Performance Colt in 2011 as a 4 year old in the Professional and the Amateur Owner classes. As a first year stallion in 2012, Valeroso was the High Point Amateur Owner Performance Stallion and 3rd National Champion in Performance A/O Stallions. Valeroso is proudly owned by Shady Creek Ranch, Norman and Debbie Timbs.

Another offspring of Venus that was shown this year is Armonia de ME. Armonia is a daughter of Venus and Heredero de Jonseb. Armonia is much like her mother with a loving disposition, quickness and powerful hocks. Armonia ribboned at Nationals this year. She was shown successfully in Professional, Amateur and Youth classes this year. Armonia, along with her mother, Venus, is lovingly owned by Maverick Equity Partners, LLC and the Bedell family of Sikeston, Missouri, and she resides at EI Tomaria Farm, Inc., Benton, Missouri.


In the year 2000, I went with a group of clients to the Dominican Republic in search of a special filly. The group decided to form a syndicate and purchase a couple of horses to import to the United States. During our search, we visited many ranches there including Rancho La Rosa, one of the world's premier Paso Fino breeding farms. It was at Rancho La Rosa that we found our special filly.

After viewing many horses that day, a small bay filly was brought out. The filly was very compact and had 4 white stockings. The trainer stood her over in a comer of the arena while we were viewing a couple of other horses. The bay filly stood patiently waiting and actually looked a little 1/ common" standing there until her trainer moved her forward in gait. "When we all saw this 1/ common" filly start moving, we were amazed at her natural ability. She had only been under saddle a few weeks and she looked as if she were ready to show as a classic fino filly. Mr. Luis Villar told us her name was Emperadora and that she was only 30 months old. After riding Emperadora for just a few minutes, I knew this was the right filly to bring home to South Carolina.

Emperadora arrived in South Carolina several months later along with a stallion, Mafianero La Rosa. Emperadora was put into a training schedule and began to fulfill our expectations of becoming a top classic fino filly. The syndicate was anxiously awaiting her show ring appearance when Emperadora unexpectedly developed laminitis. Although she did eventually recover, Emperadora was never able to withstand the strict training regimen necessary to seriously compete as a classic fino show horse and become the Champion we all knew she had the ability to be.

Emperadora is now owned by Scarlett Hawkins and is enjoyed as an occasional mount as well as an outstanding broodmare. I feel her contribution as a brood mare is exceedingly valuable because of her ability to pass on her natural, quick gait and noble disposition. We are excited that Emperadora made the Top Ten Dams list and wish to send a big congratulations to Belagio del Cedro for putting her on this prestigious list. Belagio is the product of Emperadora La Rosa and Mafianero La Rosa and was recently awarded the 2012 Grand National Champion Pleasure Stallion.


Luna Creciente gaited flawlessly around the large arena at La Caballeriza farm. WOW! "What a mare! I bought her on the spot from Barbara Preiss, acting for Denton Rouse. Luna is the product of well-known Paso Fino lines, bred by Denton Rouse, first shown and trained by Cindy Griffeth, and additionally trained at La Caballeriza; she truly is a horse for all seasons and a push button gaiting machine.

Immediately, I began riding her in Paso Fino shows, Hunter Pace Rides, trail rides, demos, and a memorable all breed show in Asheville, NC. Our primary goal as owners and lovers of Paso Fino horses has been to show the general horse-owning public that a properly trained Paso Fino, including show Paso Finos, can participate and compete successfully in multiple disciplines and against other breeds with little or no additional training or experience. On a number of trail rides with Piedmont Region of PFHA, the number of Paso Fino show horses who were also wonderful trail horses was most impressive. With all of this in mind, I decided at the last minute to enter Luna in an Asheville, NC all-breed show, and in, of all things, Western Pleasure, in which we had no previous experience other than watching it on TV.

Following the rules and commands for Western Pleasure, largo as our gait of choice, in a large class of TVV's, Apps, Paints, QH's, Arabians, Rocky's, Spotted Saddle Horses and more, Luna was flawless in gait and in response to the previously never used single hand neck rein and leg cues required for Western Pleasure. The judge (an all-breed, App specialist) asked for Walk, Go as You Please, Stop, Reverse, Repeat, Line Up. The ring steward began calling the placements and finally called 1st place - Luna Creciente, Paso Fino mare. "Why should I have been surprised? Just another day for a great Paso Fino.

Those who were instrumental in producing her and her offspring must be very proud indeed. She can do it all, as can so many others of our wonderful breed.